Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Deep South Garden Clubs website features the current projects and information on the Federated Garden Clubs for the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee that comprise the Deep South Region and are members of National Garden Clubs Inc.

Introducing the official Deep South Butterfly
The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Ann McCormick, Director

Welcome to the website of Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc., (DSGC). Here, we hope you, as a garden club member, will find information that will make your garden club experience a more meaningful one. We have provided contact information for our officers and chairmen so you can find help for any questions you may have concerning garden club matters. If you are a visitor to our website and are interested in joining a garden club or are seeking information about gardening we welcome your inquiries.

The six member states of the National Garden Clubs Inc. (NGC) that comprise the DSGC are: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. We are a diverse area geographically, but we share a love for gardening, for conserving and protecting our natural resources, as well as wildlife and habitats, for beautifying our communities and for sharing what we learn with others. We serve as a conduit for information between our national organization (NGC) and our member states. We have recently undergone some changes and are now an independent financial entity with our own 501 (c) )3) nonprofit status. Although now financially independent, our goals and objectives remain consistent with those of NGC.

The theme of NGC President Nancy Hargroves is: “Plant America”. She invited the regional directors to reflect this theme in each of our own themes as we begin our two year term under her leadership. I have chosen as my theme: “Plant America, Southern Style”. I have asked members of DSGC to emphasize planting native plants and to continue the implementation and maintenance of community gardens as their projects. There is much diversity for member clubs in selecting their projects under these broad topics and I look forward to seeing how resourceful our members can be as they make plans and carry out their various gardening ventures.

I wish to thank all those who have agreed to serve on the Deep South Garden Clubs Council. We had an outstanding two years under Carol Bullard’s leadership and working together we will continue to accomplish great things.

There is nothing like a garden for making you feel small. There you are, right in the middle of the greatest miracle of all—a world of growing things.      

--- Geoff Hamilton