Monday, June 3, 2019

The Deep South Garden Clubs website features the current projects and information on the Federated Garden Clubs for the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee that comprise the Deep South Garden Clubs and are members of National Garden Clubs Inc.

Eastern bluebird

Lena Bateman, Director

Welcome to another exciting two years in the DEEP SOUTH. Congratulations to all of our members that agreed to be on the DSGC Board and I want to take this time to say “Thank You” for saying YES. I am looking forward to working with each one of you. I am getting my feet wet with this DSGC stuff and appreciative of the help from so many experienced DSGC members.

Please take the time to read your DSGC Directory and get familiar with the contents, especially the DSGC, Inc. Bylaws and Policies. A list of the DSGC Officers, as well as the six State Presidents with their contact information, is listed for your information.

The Deep South Garden Club Special Project Rules are listed with a few ways to “Get Back to Nature.” Please read closely as there have been a few changes. We are including a section “for our youth involvement in projects.” Please encourage your club to include the youth in as many projects as possible. State President, please encourage your clubs to get on board with this Special Project, there is monetary awards available with every category.

We have a great DSGC Awards Committee and they are looking forward to judging all those awards that your state enters. Please encourage your clubs to enter. There is nothing more exciting than for a state present to attend the DS Awards Banquet and hear a winner is one of their clubs; but you can’t be a winner if do not enter.

Thanks to Pam Langley, LGCF, we will have our Deep South Newsletter “Deep South Matters” up and running soon. Please be sure to submit your articles regarding projects and exciting news to the
newsletter. The newsletter will be circulated electronically to all Deep South states and other Regions of NGC.

I want to thank Carol Bullard for volunteering to be Editor of our DSGC Directory and Mary Sue Colvin for all her help in getting me started on the Deep South Garden Club journey. Working together we can work our way to “Get Back to Nature, DSGC”

Lena Bateman
DSGC Director