Natural Disasters Fund Application Form and Guidelines

Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc.
Application date  _________________________________
Disaster(s) date  ______________________                   __
APPLICANT (DSGC State, District, Council or Garden Club)

Club President (Director,etc.)



Project Chairman (if different from person listed above)




NOTE: Restoration projects are to be sponsored by a garden club or group of clubs. Sponsoring clubs should be involved in the grassroots effort that includes photographing the damage at its worst, clearing the damage, collecting materials for replanting, and raising funds. Funds may be used for public spaces only, not private properties. No funds may be used for professional services except in unusual circumstances where special approval is given. (For example, relocating a large tree might require heavy equipment that a club and its members would not own or be able to operate.) Clubs may receive up to $500 per project within the DSGC fiscal year.   
Attach one sheet providing the information requested below and pictures of the damage:  
1.   Nature and severity of the disaster
2.   Location and description of the area to be restored
3.   Proposed restoration plan of the garden club(s)
4.   Estimated itemized costs of the project
5.   Other funds received toward the restoration project
6.   Others involved in the restoration (government agencies, civic organizations and individuals)   
7.   Value to the community, who and how many will benefit
Applications will be evaluated by a committee that includes the Natural Disasters Chairman of each of the DSGC states or other representative from each state.  
Send completed application to:
June Gilmore, 
DSGC, Inc. Natural Disasters Chairman
P. O. Box 480
Bell Buckle, TN 37020-0480
931-389-9001 (H) 931-703-9338 (C)